Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at Harvard commencement
(part one)

컬렉션: 연예인, Zuckerberg
게시되었습니다 5 6월 2017
비디오의 지속 시간: 2 분. 44 초.
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, received an honorary degree from Harvard University which he dropped out of back in 2005. At the commencement ceremony, Zuckerberg gave a formal speech in which he told about his attitude towards Harvard and modern world and about his view on the tasks and difficulties this generation of graduates was facing.
권장 단어
apart - 떨어져서
to beat - 치다
class - 클래스
congratulations - 축하해.
a decade - 로사리오 염주
downstairs - 아래층으로
especially - 특히
faculty - 학부
generation - 세대
a graduate - 졸업생
to honor - 존경하다
a lecture - 강의
memory - 기억
pouring rain - 쏟아지는 비
proud - 교만한
to remember - 생각해 내다
a speaker - 스피커
speech - 연설
to swear - 이르게 하다
technically - 기술적으로
tough - 강인한
unlikely - 있음직하지 않은
worth it - 할 보람 있는
a yard - 마당