Volvo truck commercial

컬렉션: 광고, 연예인, 자동차
게시되었습니다 17 11월 2015
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The actor Jean-Claude Van Damme appeared in a Volvo truck advert that went viral. This video is characterized by its being extreme. In the video, Van Damme stands up on side mirrors of two different trucks moving down the highway at the same speed...
권장 단어
bumpy - 울통불퉁한
to defy - 무시하다
to engineer - ...공사를 감독하다
epic - 서사시의
fair share - 정당한 몫
to flow - 흐르다
to grow - 성장하다
to master - ...의 주인이 되다
a mindset - 사고 방식
a road - 도로
a split - 스플릿
to stand - 서다
ups and downs - 기복