Types of English

컬렉션: Hugh와의 영어
게시되었습니다 4 3월 2016
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Meet Hugh! The first native conducting video lessons on Puzzle English. This video will focus on accents and their role in language learning. Hugh will also talk about several typical mistakes that he noticed his Russian students made.
권장 단어
an accent - 악센트
to answer - 응하다
be based on - 기반을 두다
boring - 지루한
confidence - 자신
to continue - 잇다
to develop - 나타나게 하다
focus - 초점
to force - 억지로 떠밀다
to happen - 우연히 있다
an individual - 개인
to introduce - 끼워 넣다
mate - 항해사
to meet - 만나다
a mistake - 잘못
a preposition - 전치사
a psychologist - 심리학자
skill - 기능
tell the difference - 차이를 말해라.
thankfully - 고맙게도
to throw - 던지다
type - 유형
to understand - 알다
variety - 종류
wait a minute - 잠깐만