Treasure Riddle

컬렉션: Ted-Ed, 수수께끼
게시되었습니다 27 8월 2018
비디오의 지속 시간: 3 분. 48 초.
After a massive storm you happen to come across and save some pitiful drowning pirates. They are ready to share the secret of the treasure island with you. But it is not as simple as it seems! To get to the treasure you need to solve a logical riddle. Will you manage to do that or will the Greenbeard's chest be lost forever on the unknown island? Test yourself by completing this entertaining task.
권장 단어
anywhere else - 다른 곳
barren - 메마른
to bury - 묻다
dehydration - 탈수
delirious - 헛소리를 하는
dig up - 일구다
go on - 해나가다
hot air balloon - 열기구
an intersection - 가로지름
to investigate - 파다
it turns out - 그것은 밝혀
line up - 일렬로 늘어서다
maroon - 섬으로 귀양보내다
mutiny - 폭동을 일으키다
to narrow - 좁아지다
prominent - 현저한
seem off - 꺼져 보인다.
a survivor - 살아남은 사람
treasure - 보물
vantage point - 관점
virtually - 사실상
wash out - 씻어버리다