Train — Shake Up Christmas

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게시되었습니다 29 12월 2017
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Shake Up Christmas is a song by the American band Train. The single was released on 1 December 2010, and was included in the band's Christmas album in 2015. Some fragments from the music video were included in Coca-Cola commercials in December 2010.
권장 단어
at the same time - 동시에
every once in a while - 가끔씩
to fill - 가득 따르다
to freeze - 얼리다
full - 완전한
great big - 큰
happiness - 행복
in style - 스타일
a list - 명부
make a wish - 소원을 빌며
to meet - 만나다
once upon a time - 아주 옛날
one day - 어느날
to reassemble - 재 조립하다
reindeer - 순록
run free - 자유롭게 달리다
send one's best - 최선을 다하다
someday - 타일
to spread - 펴다
wake up - 깨우다