The Beatles — Yesterday

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"Yesterday" is a song from The Beatles' album "Help!" released in 1965 (in the United States, the song was not included in the album, but was released as a single in September 1965).
권장 단어
as though - 마치...인 것처럼
easy - 쉬운
far away - 먼
half - 절반
hang over - 위에 늘어지다
hide away - 숨기다
long for - 사모하다
to look - 보이다
to love - 괴다
to play - 하다
to seem - 보다
a shadow - 그림자
to stay - 머무르다
suddenly - 갑자기
trouble - 수고
used to - ...에 익숙해져 있다
wrong - 그릇된
yesterday - 어제