How Does the Rorschach Inkblot Test Work

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If you have ever visited a psychologist, you have probably had an experience with trying to interpret some vague abstract inkblots on a light background or at least seen movie characters do that. Invented in the early twentieth century, the Rorschach test stays popular around the world and has even gone beyond clinical use, becoming part of the popular culture. But what do we know about its inventor? And how valid is the data obtained through this test?
권장 단어
to administer - 시정하다
alongside - 옆으로 대고
approach - 접근
be about - 관한
delightful - 매우 기쁜
detail-oriented - 꼼꼼한
enigmatic - 수수께끼 같은
an inkblot - 잉크 블랏
nuanced - 미묘한
overall - 전부의
to overwhelm - 압도하다
a pattern - 무늬
perception - 지각
to plummet - 떨어지다
prejudiced - 편견을 가진
puzzling - 아프게 하다
to quantify - ...의 양을 달다
to quiz - 놀리다
reductive - 환원 적
remarkably - 현저하게
sense - 감각
speculative - 위험한
stand-alone - 고립하다
to transform - 바꾸다
to unlock - 터놓다
valid - 유효한
varied - 변화 있는
wildly - 격렬히
to yield - 주다