Dialogue about Taxi

게시되었습니다 16 3월 2017
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Lucy is late for the train, so she decides to go by taxi. How to ask how much time the trip will take? And how much will it cost? And is it worth it to go by taxi?
권장 단어
a little - 조금
be late - 늦다
free - 비어 있는
good morning - 좋은 아침
hard - 단단한
how long - 얼마나 오래
how much - 얼마요
in a hurry - 급히
luggage - 여행가방
on foot - 걸어서
a suitcase - 슈트케이스
a taxi - 택시
thank you - 고맙습니다
would like - ~을 원한다.
wow - 대성공