The surprising link between stress and memory

컬렉션: Ted-Ed
게시되었습니다 29 3월 2019
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You spend weeks studying for an important test. On the big day, you wait nervously as your teacher hands it out. You’re working your way through, when you’re asked to define "ataraxia." You know you’ve seen the word before, but your mind goes blank. What just happened? Elizabeth Cox details the complex relationship between stress and memory.
권장 단어
ability - 능력
acquisition - 취득
anxiety - 걱정
come in handy - 편리하게 들어와.
complex - 복잡한
condition - 조건
connection - 연결
to counteract - 틀다
critical - 결정적인
to damage - 다치다
drop off - 차츰 없어지다
to emphasize - 강조하다
to encounter - 만나다
environment - 환경
even though - ...비록...할지라도
gradually - 차례로
hand out - 나눠주다
impact - 충격
inhibition - 금지
likely - 적당한
moderate - 절제있는
performance - 공연
to prompt - 자극하다
reasoning - 추리
relationship - 관계
to release - 터놓다
response - 응답
sensitive - 민감한
sensory - 감각상의
short-term - 단기간의
similar - 비슷한
a step - 단계
to strengthen - 강하게 하다
threat - 위협
unfortunate - 불운한
vicious cycle - 악순환