Spider crabs shed their shells

컬렉션: 동물, 바다
게시되었습니다 14 12월 2017
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Spider crabs earned their name for their incredibly long legs that make them look like spiders. The family includes about 200 genera of marine crabs, and the Japanese spider crab is the largest species among the modern arthropods. With the first full Moon of winter hundreds of thousands of arthropods gather in one place to shed the shells that they outgrew.
권장 단어
to allow - 허락하다
beneath - 바로 아래에
break out - 탈출하다
to clamber - 기어 올라가다
to create - 몹시 떠들어 대다
deep - 깊은
to develop - 나타나게 하다
to enclose - 넣다
to expand - 넓히다
feed - 즐겁게 하다
full moon - 만월
to harden - 강하게 하다
in order to - ...할 목적으로
to lay - 두다
limp - 유연한
march - 행진하다
mate - 항해사
materialise - ...에 형체를 부여하다
nearly - 거의
one another - 서로
a plain - 평원
properly - 정확히
to seek - 가다
a spider - 거미