Spider-Man: Homecoming

컬렉션: Spider Man, 예고편
게시되었습니다 29 6월 2017
비디오의 지속 시간: 2 분. 23 초.
Spider-Man: Homecoming is an American superhero film based on comic books of the same name by Marvel Comics. The plot of the film takes place after the events of the film "Captain America: Civil War". Peter Parker is a high school student who becomes a superhero. He tries to balance the fight against crime with school and family life. Peter will have to save New York facing the Vulture.
권장 단어
badass - 불량배
care about - ...에 마음쓰다
to change - 바꾸다
crazy - 미친
dangerous - 위험한
to die - 죽다
a favor - 호의
friendly - 친한
to handle - ...에 손을 대다
I got this - 알 겠어
interview - 회견
it is time - 시간이다.
to kill - 죽이다
legal - 적법한
a neighbourhood - 이웃
powerful - 강한
to protect - 보호하다
screw up - 망치다
a shield - 방패
a shoulder - 어깨
stay - 머무르다
to summon - 소환하다
a trial - 시도
a weapon - 무기