SNL: Trump becomes president
(part one)

게시되었습니다 19 12월 2016
비디오의 지속 시간: 2 분. 1 초.
Saturday Night Live is a musical comedy programme on the American television channel NBC. The programme includes comedy reprises and vocal performances. Most reprises are performed live by the comedians who are permanent members of the troupe, featuring a guest star. In this episode, you are going to watch a Donald Trump parody performed by Alec Baldwin.
권장 단어
an appointment - 약속
be stuck - 붙어있다
cabinet - 내각
certainly - 확실히
a chairman - 의장
to discuss - 즐기며 먹다
to energize - 정력을 주다
find out - ...임을 알아내다
here we go - 시작해볼까요!
look forward to - ...을 기다리다
a meeting - 모임
my pleasure - 천만에요
a nation - 민족
passionate - 열렬한
secret - 은밀한
a strategy - 병법
take a moment - 시간을 가지다
term - 기간
tremendous - 거대한
upcoming - 다가오는
whatever - 도대체 무엇이