Singapore: On the path to prosperity

컬렉션: 역사, 경제
게시되었습니다 4 5월 2018
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Lee Kuan Yew managed to transform Singapore from a tiny island without any natural resources whatsoever into an economically prospering country. He successfully united the nation to reach what is often called an economic miracle: the combination of private and state capitalism. Lee made Singapore prospering, modern, effective and practically free of corruption – and it created a massive inflow of foreign investors into the country. In the meantime, a lot of people are skeptical about what happens in Singapore in terms of social aspects.
권장 단어
efficient - 실력 있는
to encourage - 북돋우다
essential - 본질적인
to expand - 넓히다
foreign trade - 대외 무역
an immigrant - 이민
independent - 독립의
investment - 투자
judicial - 사법의
a multinational - 여러 나라에 관계가 있는
to pass - 보내다
potentially - 잠재적으로
punishment - 처벌
rarely - 드물게
recent - 충적세
relatively - 상대적으로
to remain - 남다
a restriction - 제한
separate - 갈라진
world trade - 세계 무역