Sia — Snowman

컬렉션: 새해, Sia, 팝 음악
게시되었습니다 3 1월 2018
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Snowman is a single from the Christmas studio album by Australian singer Sia. The song was released on 9 November 2017, and in December the singer performed it live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
권장 단어
an award - 장학금
to carry - 나르다
catch - 잡다
darling - 가장 사랑하는
death - 죽음
fear - 먹다
forever - 영원히
to freeze - 얼리다
happily - 행복하게
have fun - 재미있다
to hide - 감추다
to hold - 들다
holiday - 휴일
in front of - ...의 앞에
to nominate - 추천하다
to perform - 행하다
a puddle - 뒤죽박죽
a season - 시즌
to shed - 흘리다
a snowman - 눈사람