William Shakespeare’s Idioms
(part 1)

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As you know, William Shakespeare enriched the English language, adding to it not only new words but also many new expressions. In this series of videos, you will get to know some of the idioms that appeared in the language thanks to Shakespeare.
권장 단어
to agree - 동의하다
angry - 성난
be cruel to be kind - 친절히 잔인하다.
character - 문자
cruel - 잔인한
go on - 해나가다
have dinner - 점심하다
I wonder - 나는 궁금해.
majesty - 위엄
make up for - 메우다
marriage - 결혼
marry each other - 서로 결혼하다
no wonder - 조금도 이상하지 않고
a palace - 궁전
a prince - 왕자
to realise - 깨닫다
to remain - 남다
to shock - 충격을 주다
sin - 죄
so that - 그래서
to suspect - 느끼다
take away - 가져가다
terrible - 무서운
an uncle - 아저씨
windy - 깜짝 놀란
wrong - 그릇된