Sesame Street: Anna Kendrick & Elmo — Absorb

컬렉션: 연예인, Sesame Street
게시되었습니다 13 11월 2018
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Sesame Street is an international educational children's TV programme that has been aired since 1969. The word absorb means to take in or soak up. What kinds of things do you think will absorb water?
권장 단어
to absorb - 없애다
to bring - 이끌다
find out - ...임을 알아내다
fur - 모피
here we go - 시작해볼까요!
high five - 하이 파이브
to investigate - 파다
to mean - 품고 있다
now - 지금
show - 보이다
soak up - 빨아들다
a sponge - 스펀지
take in - 숙박시키다
a turn - 회전
wet - 젖은