Wearing slippers at school: new way to to improve grades

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게시되었습니다 19 2월 2017
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In one of the schools in the UK students are allowed to take classes in slippers. Studies show that it improves the atmosphere and the development of concentration. The results are so good that perhaps in the near future slippers will become part of the school uniform.
권장 단어
activity - 활동
to allow - 허락하다
apparently - 분명히
to base - ...에 바탕을 두다
be likely to - ~ 할 가능성이있다
to behave - 굴다
benefit - 이익
a bid - 매기다
bullying - 곯리다
calm - 고요한
change - 바꾸다
to choose - 고르다
come in - 집에 들어가다
compulsory - 강제적인
to cover - 덮다
environment - 환경
a fixture - 고정물
a grade - 학년
to improve - 돌리다
lunchtime - 점심 시간
make an impact - 충격을 주다
to notice - ...을 알아차리다
an option - 선택권
permanent - 영속하는
quietly - 조용히
to reduce - 줄이다
sensibly - 눈에 띌 정도로
a slipper - 덧신
to spot - 똑똑 떨어지다
straight - 직진
a switch - 스위치