Sarah and Duck: Shallot
(part one)

컬렉션: Sarah & Duck
게시되었습니다 8 2월 2015
비디오의 지속 시간: 3 분. 11 초.
This English children's animated television series talks about the life of a seven-year old girl named Sarah and her friend, a real duck. In this episode, they found some seeds and decided to plant them to find out what is going to grow from them.
권장 단어
to approve - 좋다고 인정하다
at least - 적어도
be supposed to - 로 가정 할
carry on - 계속해서 하다
come on - 자! 빨리빨리!
dinner - 공식 만찬
to drop - 떨어지다
to finish - 끝내다
to grow - 성장하다
to happen - 우연히 있다
living room - 거실
muddy - 흐린
newspaper - 신문
Oh, dear - 이런!
perhaps - 어쩌면
to plant - 심다
a seed - 씨
to seem - 보다
take a while - 잠시 시간을내어
to wait - 기다리다