Santa Claus song

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게시되었습니다 12 12월 2013
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New Year is coming, so we would like to suggest an excellent song to you, which you can learn with your kids specially for a New Year's party.
권장 단어
a beard - 수염
to bring - 이끌다
to carry - 나르다
a chimney - 굴뚝
a cookie - 사람
to cover - 덮다
to disappear - 사라지다
an ear - 귀
floppy - 기운 없는
to fly - 날다
glass - 유리
to hope - 바라다
a keyhole - 열쇠구멍
to leave - 떠나다
a plate - 플레이트
to pull - 당기다
reindeer - 순록
a sack - 해고
shiny - 빛나는
sky - 하늘
a suit - 소송
to wait - 기다리다
to walk - 걷다
a wall - 벽