Whitney Houston — Run To You

게시되었습니다 20 11월 2013
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This is an astonishingly beautiful song that was also one of the soundtracks to the film "The Bodyguard" wherein Whitney Houston played one of the leading roles.
권장 단어
control - 제어
a girl - 소녀
hard - 단단한
harm - 해
a heart - 심장
to hold - 들다
hurt - 상처
a key - 키
nobody - 아무도 ...않다
a role - 역할
run away - 도주하다
safe - 안전한
to share - 나누다
sometimes - 때때로
to stay - 머무르다
strong - 강한
take the time - 시간을내어
wipe away - 닦아 내다