How to slice a pepper

컬렉션: Gordon Ramsay, 음식
게시되었습니다 2 6월 2017
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Gordon James Ramsay is a famous British chef. His restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars. He is also a popular host of the British TV programmes The F-Word, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen, as well as their American TV twins. In this short video, Gordon will share a secret on how to slice a bell pepper correctly, quickly and without any fuss.
권장 단어
all over - 온통
amazing - 놀랄 만한
basically - 원래
board - 판
crunchy - 우두둑 깨무는
to discard - 버리다
faff around - 주위를 어지럽히 다
firm - 굳은
to flatten - 단조롭게 하다
flavor - 맛
to identify - 확인하다
importantly - 중대하게
in sight - 통찰력
just as - 그냥
a knife - 칼
to lift - 걷히다
look for - ...을 찾다
more importantly - 더 중요한 것은
raw - 노골적인
skin - 피부
smooth - 부드러운
a stalk - 줄기
texture - 조직
a wrinkle - 좋은 생각