Peppa Pig: Granddad Dog’s Garage

컬렉션: Peppa Pig
게시되었습니다 8 12월 2017
비디오의 지속 시간: 4 분. 30 초.
Granddad Dog's garage is a wonderful place. Here you can fill up your car with petrol, pump up your tyres, or you can just buy some fruit ice-cream! Granddad Dog knows about cars more than anyone else, and he always helps his friends in need. But what if Granddad himself needs help? Who can possibly handle the wonderful car wash that Granddad has just installed?
권장 단어
air - 공기
automatic - 자동의
be on one's way - 자기 길에있다.
car wash - 세차장
certainly - 확실히
exciting - 흥분시키는
finally - 최후로
garage - 차고
to hop - 깡충 뛰다
malfunction - 부조
to mend - 고치다
no good - 쓸모 없는 녀석
oh dear - 이런
panic - ...에 공포를 일으키다
petrol - 가솔린
plenty of - 많은
to rescue - 구해 내다
run out of - 부족
see you later - 나중에 봐.
serious - 진지한
soapy - 비누질의
stuck - 붙다
switch off - 끄다
switch on - 켜다