Postman Cheval’s ideal palace

게시되었습니다 22 10월 2017
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Postman Cheval's Ideal Palace is located near Lyon, in the small town of Hauterives, and is the most impressive example of naive art architecture. Cheval was building his palace on his own for 33 years working at his leisure time, day and night, at any weather, pebble by pebble.
권장 단어
beyond the scope of - ~의 범위를 넘어
bizarre - 기괴한
a boundary - 경계
carry away - 채가다
a castle - 성
to collect - 모으다
completely - 완전히
to create - 몹시 떠들어 대다
to enjoy - 갖고 있다
fantastic - 공상적인
final - 결정적인
imagination - 상상력
incredible - 놀랄 만한
influence - 영향
a mailman - 우편 집배원
to mingle - 섞다
obsession - 들러붙음
a palace - 궁전
a pebble - 마노
pick up - 도중에서 태우다
stumble across - 우연히
training - 훈련
unique - 유일한
to wonder - 이상하게 여기다