How to Change Your Mind in English
(part 1)

컬렉션: Papa Teach Me
게시되었습니다 4 2월 2018
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Ali is an English teacher from the UK. In his lessons, he covers topics important for all learners so that it becomes simply unreal to forget something! In this video, Ali will present several ways to say that you have changed your mind or changed the decision made before.
권장 단어
application - 신청
to apply - 대다
casual - 무관심한
change one's mind - 마음을 바꾸다.
to choose - 고르다
clearly - 분명히
come to think of it - 생각 해보니.
consideration - 고려
conversation - 대화
decision time - 결정 시간
ending - 종결
expression - 식
hang on - 매달리다
hold on - 계속해 가다
interested - 흥미를 가진
to invite - 끌다
make a decision - 결정을 내리다
on second thought - 두 번째 생각에
an option - 선택권
to reject - 받지 않다
response - 응답
spice up - 양념을 치다
usually - 보통
why not - 왜 안돼?