Online dating and its influence on the society

컬렉션: 기술
게시되었습니다 3 6월 2018
비디오의 지속 시간: 3 분. 28 초.
With the emergence of Tinder and Bumble apps (the former started in September, 2012, the latter — in December, 2014), it took only a few years for more than 20 billion acquiantances to be made. In this interview, the co-founder of Tinder and Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe, is going to tell about these apps and about why she thinks they displayed such a rapid growth. She will also share her predictions with us on what we might expect from online dating services in the near future.
권장 단어
to act - 하다
benefit - 이익
common - 평범한
confident - 자신 만만한
to conquer - 억누르다
crime - 범죄
despite - 무례
go hand in hand - 손에 손 잡고
impact - 충격
lay claim to - 주장하다
lead - 끌다
make the first move - 첫 번째 움직임을 만든다.
a match - 시합
meet a need - 필요를 채우다
minority group - 소수 그룹
not in a hundred years - 100 년이 아니라
online dating - 온라인 데이트
potential - 가능한
prolific - 아들을 낳는
to revolutionise - 혁명적 인
risky - 위험한
single - 한결같은
social network - 소셜 네트워크
technology - 과학 기술