One Amazing Day: Zebras

게시되었습니다 17 4월 2018
비디오의 지속 시간: 6 분. 30 초.
Zebras are roaming animals that don't have permanent dwelling areas as such and that migrate depending on the location of fresh grass. Sometimes zebras' path is obstructed by rivers that are only able to be crossed by swimming. The water harbours a deadly threat, but it is not only the predators that are dangerous: the flow itself may turn out an even bigger obstacle, especially for young zebras.
권장 단어
an attack - 공격
challenge - 도전
constantly - 끊임없이
danger - 위험
every bit of - 매 비트마다
to face - 향하다
fresh - 신선한
give up - 넘겨주다
grow in - 자라다
to handle - ...에 손을 대다
heat up - 따스해지다
highland - 고지
it turns out - 그것은 밝혀
an obstacle - 장애물
on the move - 이동중에
on the verge of - 직전의
particular - 특별한
to pour - 붓다
to present - 표하다
stand in someone's way - 누군가의 길을 취하다
strength - 힘
surely - 확실히
threat - 위협
way out - 출구