Jamie Oliver: How to juice citrus fruits

컬렉션: Jamie Oliver, 음식
게시되었습니다 6 11월 2017
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James Trevor "Jamie" Oliver is an English chef, restaurateur, TV host and populariser of home cooking. He wrote several well-known books on cooking. In this reel, Jamie will show how to juice citrus fruits to get maximum juice from them.
권장 단어
absolutely - 전혀
amount - 양
break down - 쓰러지다
catch - 잡다
citrus - 감귤류의 식물
to cut - 베다
get something going - 무언가를 얻으십시오.
in half - 반으로
inside - 내부에
a lime - 라임
to roll - 말다
show - 보이다
skin - 피부
sort of - 일종의
to squeeze - 꽉 쥐다
structure - 구조