An Old Friend
(Starting Out)

컬렉션: Starting Out
게시되었습니다 6 4월 2018
비디오의 지속 시간: 3 분. 21 초.
Starting Out” is a series of video lessons produced by an international organization British Council. This series is for people who are just starting to learn English.
In this issue, Sammy offers Julia to change plans for the evening and visit his old school friend. It seems that Sammy's story is a little confusing to Julia...
권장 단어
a little bit - 조금
a lot - 많이
brilliant - 빛나는
chance - 기회
city centre - 시내 중심
a cook - 쿡
do sport - 운동 해
to explain - 설명하다
fantastic - 공상적인
go fishing - 낚시를
go out - 외출하다
a guy - 사람
retired - 은퇴한
what about - ~는 어때
what time - 몇시
wonderful - 훌륭한