This is why New Year’s sucks!

게시되었습니다 19 12월 2017
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Many people can't wait till New Year's night comes, but they inevitably found themselves disappointed at the end of the day. Partly, our disappointment has to do with our expectations that are too high. We imagine some magical evening full of joy, but eventually, we don't get what we want so badly. However, high expectations are not the only reason. As it turns out, this holiday has quite a few reasons for us to be upset.
권장 단어
ability - 능력
to affect - 체하다
amount - 양
annoyed - 괴로운
approach - 닥치다
as ... as possible - 가능한 한 ...
end up - 끝내다
entire - 완전한
an event - 행사
evolutionarily - 진화론 적으로
to expect - 배고 있다
extramarital affair - 혼외 사정
for instance - 예를 들면
to happen - 우연히 있다
have fun - 재미있다
in check - 수표에
it turns out - 그것은 밝혀
to matter - 문제가 되다
mood swing - 기분 전환
order - 정하다
particular - 특별한
to raise - 올리다
set apart - 제쳐 두다
similar - 비슷한