Muzzy In Gondoland
(part seven)

컬렉션: Muzzy in Gondoland
게시되었습니다 23 6월 2015
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"Muzzy in Gondoland" is an English as a second language course for children, created by the BBC. Basically, it is an animated film featuring educational insets that familiarise the viewers with the basics of English in a simple, unobtrusive manner.
권장 단어
busy - 바쁘게 하다[일 시키다]
exercise - 운동
have a bath - 목욕하다
have lunch - 점심 먹자
hungry - 굶주린
a knee - 무릎
lunch - 점심
a mouth - 입
see you - 너를 봐.
a shoulder - 어깨
a silly - 바보
a statue - 동상
a toe - 발가락