Why is chewing so irritating?

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게시되었습니다 18 4월 2017
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Does it ever happen to you that you get annoyed by quite ordinary sounds like chewing or breathing? For a long time, scientists could not find an explanation for this, but now they have succeeded in proving the existence of misophonia - a state in which people do not just dislike some sounds, but literally go crazy over them.
권장 단어
an abnormality - 이상
to cause - 일으키다
to characterize - 특성을 나타내다
to chew - 씹다
condition - 조건
to discover - 발견하다
disorder - 무질서
drive someone mad - 누군가 미치게하다
eat out - 외식하다
an emotion - 감정
fault - 결점
for years - 수년간
genuine - 성실한
go into overdrive - 오버 드라이브에 들어가다
in fact - 사실로
in response to - 에 대한 응답으로
increased - 증가한
lead to - 이르다
negative - 소극적인
notice - ...을 알아차리다
perspiration - 발한
process - 가공하다
punch - 구멍을 뚫다
a researcher - 연구원
sadly - 슬프게도
a scientist - 과학자
to slurp - 털썩 내뱉다
a trigger - 트리거