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Lucy is a teacher from the UK. And also she is a cheerful and charming girl. In this video, Lucy will talk about ten popular love and relationship related expressions that natives often use in their speech.
권장 단어
be likely to - ~ 할 가능성이있다
a couple - 두
a date - 날짜
double date - 두 번 데이트
entire - 완전한
exactly - 정확하게
extra - 특별한
film - 엷은 껍질로 덮다
final - 결정적인
get hitched - 걸리다
get started - 시작하다
a husband - 남편
obvious - 분명한
on the rocks - 바위에
quite - 아주
set someone up - 누군가를 세우다
squeeze in - 밀어넣다
successful - 성공한
tie the knot - 매듭을 묶다
warm fuzzy feeling - 따뜻한 솜털 같은 느낌