The Lost Kingdom of Sudan

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게시되었습니다 9 5월 2019
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History, adventure and travelogue combine as Simon Reeve explores three of the world's major rivers: the Nile, Yangtze and Ganges.
When people think of a culture along the Nile in ancient times, they just think of ancient Egypt, but we're in Sudan. There was a major ancient civilization here. Urban, literate, powerful kings that controlled a vast empire in the eighth century, bigger than any empire that had ever been on the Nile before.
권장 단어
to accept - 받아들이다
to achieve - 이루다
ancient - 옛날의
a century - 세기
civilization - 문명
a claim - 청구
to climb - 오르다
to contain - 있다
to control - 두르다
cut out - 잘라내다
deliberately - 신중히
distinct - 뚜렷한
an empire - 제국
feeling - 감각
to honour - 존경하다
legitimate - 본격적인
overwhelming - 압도적인
powerful - 강한
recently - 요새
to refuse - 거절하다
related - 관계있는
religion - 종교
to share - 나누다
urban - 도시의