London guide

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A travel to London may well become a travel through the past. This city has long been a financial, educational and cultural centre, and it is full of modern buildings that are adjacent to historical constructions. Find out more about architectural attractions and wonderful parks found right in the centre of London, and continue with your journey in the suburbs that can tell you a completely different story.
권장 단어
along - 데리고
to attract - 끌다
be out to - ~에있다
be situated - 처하다
a chime - 차임
cultural - 교양적인
edgy - 날이 날카로운
especially - 특히
financial - 재정의
to grow - 성장하다
house of worship - 예배당
hunting ground - 사냥터
in equal measure - 균등하게
medieval - 중세의
on the hour - 시간에
open to the public - 공개하다
to pack - 가득 넣다
a palace - 궁전
to peal - 울려 퍼지게 하다
perhaps - 어쩌면
private - 은밀한
recently - 요새
a saga - 사거
turn over a new page - 새 페이지 넘겨주기
world city - 세계 도시