Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

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게시되었습니다 6 7월 2019
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One of Michael Jackson’s signature songs, “Billie Jean” tells the tale of a young girl who claims to be the mother of Jackson’s alleged son. The song was the second single from his sixth solo album Thriller. It reached #1 in 7 countries.

In his autobiography Moonwalk, Jackson wrote: There never was a real Billie Jean. The girl in the song is a composite of people my brothers have been plagued with over the years. I could never understand how these girls could say they were carrying someone’s child when it wasn’t true.
권장 단어
advice - 조언
beauty queen - 여왕
to break - 꺾다
to claim - 끌다
to happen - 우연히 있다
to mean - 품고 있다
more like - 더 좋아
much too - 너무
a scheme - 계획
soon - 곧
to stand - 서다
the one - 그 하나
think twice - 두 번 생각