Imagine Dragons — It’s Time

게시되었습니다 10 9월 2016
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Imagine Dragons are an American indie rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2008. They became well-known after the release of their debut studio album "Night Visions" in September 2012. The single "It's Time" from their first album peaked number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100, number four on the Billboard Alternative and Billboard Rock, before being certified platinum later.
권장 단어
to admit - 들이다
after all - 아무튼
at night - 밤에
a bag - 가방
bottom - 바닥
burn down - 전소하다
burn to ashes - 재에 태우다
clouded - 흐리게 하다
a commodity - 상품
to fall - 가을
give a rain check - 비가오다.
hold back - 취하다
it is time - 시간이다.
to leave - 휴가
let down - 낮추다
lonely - 고독한
look back - 돌아다보다
to pack - 팩
a path - 통로
a pit - 피트
rag - 조각
spent - 지쳐버린