Eagles — Hotel California

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게시되었습니다 20 7월 2013
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"Hotel California" is a song from the rock band Eagles' album of the same name released in 1976. The song describes a "hotel that you can never leave". It resembles a story of a tired traveller trapped in a nightmarish hotel that seemed pretty nice at first glance.

Some people think that the song figuratively describes hedonism and self-destruction of music in Hollywood. The idea is that Hollywood is like a luxury hotel that at first welcomes its guests and then lures them into a trap by means of trickery and cunningness. There are more trivial versions as well, such as the one suggesting that a prison or a psychiatric hospital is meant by the "hotel".
권장 단어
ahead - 앞으로
a beast - 짐승
a bell - 벨
a corridor - 복도
a courtyard - 안마당
desert - 사막 같은
a device - 장치
distance - 거리
heavy - 무거운
hell - 지옥
a highway - 고속도로
light up - 불이 붙다
a mission - 사명
a passage - 통로
plenty - 많은
sight - 시각
spirit - 정신
to stab - 찌르다
steely - 견고한
sweet - 고구마