History vs. Henry VIII

컬렉션: Ted-Ed, 역사
게시되었습니다 8 12월 2018
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He was a powerful king whose break with the church of Rome would forever change the course of English history. But was he a charismatic reformer who freed his subjects from a corrupt establishment or a bullying tyrant who used Parliament for his own personal gain?
권장 단어
be willing to - 기꺼이하다
beg to differ - 다르기를 구걸하다
charismatic - 카리스마적인
comfort - 위로
common - 평범한
corrupt - 부정한
dashing - 위세 당당한
to debase - 떨어뜨리다
to ensure - 안전하게 하다
exactly - 정확하게
grandiosity - 웅
indeed - 과연
major - 주요한
a minister - 장관
a model - 모델
a nation - 민족
a population - 인구
a reformer - 개혁가
a surplus - 여분
to uproot - 뿌리째 뽑다