Adam Hills on Australian accent

컬렉션: 악센트, 지역 연구
게시되었습니다 18 5월 2017
비디오의 지속 시간: 2 분. 37 초.
Adam Hills is an Australian comedian, radio and TV host. You can see him on both Australian and British television, and in Australia, he is most famous for being a host of the music quiz show Spicks and Specks and the talk show Adam Hills Tonight, while in Britain, he is well-known for hosting the comedy talk show The Last Leg. In this video, you are going to see a fragment of Adam's performance in which he talks about Australian accent.
권장 단어
an accent - 악센트
afraid - 두려워하여
to agree - 동의하다
approval - 찬성
to arrive - 태어나다
basically - 원래
bay - 만
a crop - 수확고
a display - 디스플레이
hand down - 내려 주다
heavy - 무거운
insecure - 불안정한
irony - 반어
a judge - 판사
marijuana - 삼
to mean - 품고 있다
murder - 살인
overseas - 해외로
rare - 드문
ridiculous - 어리석은
a scripture - 경전
a sentence - 문장
a statement - 성명서
till - 까지