The Beatles — Hey Jude

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"Hey Jude" is a ballad by the British rock band The Beatles written by Paul McCartney, with authorship ascribed to Lennon/McCartney duo. The song was recorded on July 31st — August 1st, 1968. Paul McCartney wrote it to console Julian, John Lennon's son, who was going through hard times witnessing his parents divorce.
권장 단어
afraid - 두려워하여
anytime - 언제든지
bad - 나쁜
to carry - 나르다
cold - 추운
cool - 시원한
fool - 바보
let down - 낮추다
pain - 고통
to perform - 행하다
to refrain - 억제하다
to remember - 생각해 내다
sad - 슬픈
a shoulder - 어깨
skin - 피부
a song - 노래
a start - 스타트
to wait - 기다리다