Darren Hayes — Insatiable

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Insatiable is a debut single recorded by Australian singer Darren Hayes, the former lead singer of the band Savage Garden, in 2002. The song reached number one on New Zealand chart, number three on Australian chart and number eight on the UK Singles Chart.
권장 단어
barely - 간신히
to bathe - 담그다
chase away - 쫓아 버리다
fall asleep - 잠들다
to grow - 성장하다
to hold - 들다
hold hands - 손을 잡다
to levitate - 공중에 뜨게 하다
moonlight - 월광
race - 경주하다
to revolve - 회전하다
scent - 냄새
a sheet - 시트
to soar - 높이 치솟다
to stain - 흐리다
sweetness - 단맛
take off - 데리고 가다
to touch - 대다
turn down - 개다