A brief Hawaii tour

컬렉션: 지역 연구
게시되었습니다 13 4월 2014
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Hawaii is a U.S. state situated on the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Tens of years of mass tourism were not able to spoil the pristine beauty of this place, and it still fascinates tourists with its gorgeous views.
권장 단어
to anchor - 단단히 묶어 두다
to attract - 끌다
to catch - 잡다
a combination - 콤비네이션
to conjure - 요술로 ...하다
to crowd - 떼쓰다
to declare - 알리다
a desolation - 쓸쓸함
a fleet - 함대
to manage - 꾸리다
a shore - 육지
striking - 치는
sulfuric - 황의
treacherous - 믿을 수 없는