How to Do French Knots in Cross Stitching

게시되었습니다 25 11월 2010
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In this video, we will learn the basic decorative stitch, which is called the "French knot". With its help, you can put the stress, put dots over i, periods at the end of the sentence, semicolons, colons, or simply decorate the middle of a flower.
권장 단어
a colon - 콜론
come out - 나오다
a hole - 구멍
a knot - 매듭
a needle - 바늘
a period - 기간
a semicolon - 세미콜론
stretch out - 스트레치 아웃하다
Take hold of - 붙잡다
a thread - 실
twice - 두번
to wind - 감다