George Carlin on euphemisms
(part three)

컬렉션: George Carlin
게시되었습니다 23 1월 2017
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Euphemisms are generally innocuous words and expressions used in place of others considered indecent or inappropriate. Euphemisms make our speech "softer", "embellish" the reality, and such words and expressions are present in every language. English is no exception; this language is full of euphemisms that only become more complicated over the course of time.

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권장 단어
as simple as that - 저것과 같이 쉬운
to conceal - 숨기다
contract killer - 청부 살인자
crime fighter - 범죄 전투기
to depopulate - 주민을 없애다
disinformation - 그릇된 정보
engage in - ...에 착수하다
freedom fighter - 자유의 전사
greedy - 대식하는
to invent - 꾸미다
to measure - 가다
to mention - 말하다
to neutralize - 중립화시키다
nuclear radiation - 핵 방사선
sin - 죄
smug - 잘난 체하는
an unit - 단위
well-fed - 영양이 충분한