History of English language
(part two)

컬렉션: 영어의 역사, Ted-Ed
게시되었습니다 17 5월 2017
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When we talk about English, we don't normally think of its origins considering it a stand-alone language. But in fact, English has a lot in common with other languages of the world. This video is going to explain the changes that have been happening to English for centuries and how the language has evolved along with its native speakers.
Part one
권장 단어
a bit - 약간
amazing - 놀랄 만한
ancient - 옛날의
common - 평범한
a counterpart - 짝
to descend - 내려가다
to develop - 나타나게 하다
direct - 솔직한
distant - 먼
evidence - 증거
further - 더욱이
historical - 역사적인
to include - 포함하다
to keep - 치다
major - 주요한
modern-day - 현대
nearly - 거의
possible - 가능한
a relative - 친척
to remain - 남다
to require - 요구하다
a shift - 시프트
a step - 단계
unfortunately - 운수 나쁘게