Mysteries of Easter Island statues

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Moai are monolithic stone statues on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. More than 900 statues are currently known. It is believed that the statues were built by the aboriginal people of the island between 1250 and 1500, but there is no general consensus on how those were created and moved across the island.
권장 단어
astonishment - 놀람
at one time - 한 때
to bury - 묻다
to carve - 새기다
coherent - 응집성의
to create - 몹시 떠들어 대다
difficult - 어려운
to discover - 발견하다
to drag - 끌다
elongated - 연장하다
an expedition - 원정
find out - ...임을 알아내다
to flourish - 휘두르다
to imply - 묵시하다
in fact - 사실로
an investigation - 조사
make it clear - 확실히 해
a maul - 큰 나무 망치
practical - 실용적인
provided - ...이라는 조건으로 하여
quite - 아주
a replica - 레플리카
strangely - 이상하게
to transport - 수송하다
up to - 까지
upright - 똑바로
volcanic - 화산의
a waist - 허리