Stupid ways to die

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게시되었습니다 26 5월 2013
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"Dumb Ways to Die" is a social advertisement by Metro Trains Melbourne, a railway network operator in Melbourne, Australia. The advertising campaign is aimed at promoting safe behaviour on public transport. But just look at how interesting is the way they make this promotion!
권장 단어
a bait - 미끼
a brand - 상표
a dryer - 건조기
dumb - 우둔한
an edge - 가장자리
a fork - 포크
hair - 머리
a helmet - 헬멧
to hide - 감추다
a kidney - 신
moose - 엘크
a nest - 둥지
a pet - 착한 애
to poke - 쑤셔 휘젓다
a rattlesnake - 방울뱀
to scratch - 할퀴다
to sell - 팔다
to set - 놓다
a stick - 스틱
a train - 기차
a wasp - 말벌