What if dinosaurs never went extinct?
(part two)

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게시되었습니다 21 8월 2017
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Dinosaurs ruled the planet for 150 million years. But what if this did not change? What would be the life on Earth like nowadays? Usually, we don't think of how dinosaur extinction influenced our life, but this video will bring an alternative version of history to you.
Part one
권장 단어
as well - 게다가
entirely - 전적으로
an event - 행사
to evolve - 전개하다
to exist - 있다
give rise to - ...을 일으키다
in the wrong place at the wrong time - 잘못된 시간에 잘못된 장소에서
intelligence - 지성
obviously - 명백하게
odds are - 확률은
a path - 통로
perhaps - 어쩌면
reason - 이유
a scenario - 대본
shape - 모양
significant - 중요한
species - 종
survival - 활착
take someone's place - 누군가의 자리에 앉다
unique - 유일한