Devadasi: Transformation of the tradition

컬렉션: 지역 연구
게시되었습니다 23 3월 2013
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Devadasis were girls who were given a special upbringing and who lived at temples in India. They used to dedicate themselves to serving their gods and mainly, to entertaining them with dancing.

Nowadays, devadasi's role has gone through significant changes.
권장 단어
to abolish - 폐하다
ancient - 옛날의
a brothel - 매음굴
a cockroach - 바퀴벌레
to dedicate - 바치다
to diminish - 줄다
grotesque - 괴기한
a hooker - 갈고리 모양으로 구부리는 것
ingrain - 실에 물들인
a link - 연접하다
medieval - 중세의
a mistress - 정부
prepubescent - 사춘기의
a priest - 성직자
sacred - 신성한
a slave - 노예
successful - 성공한
a superstition - 미신
a temple - 신전
an undercurrent - 저류