The many meanings of Michelangelo’s statue of David

컬렉션: Ted-Ed, 역사
게시되었습니다 7 12월 2014
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In this video, you are going to find out how the meaning of the famous Statue of David has changed over the course of the history.
권장 단어
to alter - 바꾸다
astute - 기민한
awe - 두려움
to bulge - 부풀다
to communicate - 통해 있다
contemplation - 묵상
to convene - 소집하다
to depict - 묘사하다
to detach - 떼다
determination - 결심
to exile - 추방하다
to intend - 작정이다
lifelike - 살아 있는 것 같은
odds - 승산
overt - 명백한
overwhelming - 압도적인
a resistance - 저항
a rival - 경쟁자
to set - 놓다
to slay - 몹시 웃기다
stern - 엄격한
towering - 높이 솟은